Google Just Got Personal

Last week I mentioned search giant Google’s recent change to its search results with the addition of “Search Plus Your World.” And I promised to take a deeper look at some of the features. So here it is:

At the moment, Search Plus Your World is available to users signed in on in English and this new transformation makes it possible for them to find their own information on the web, including information about people they know and the content they’ve shared with them.

Google’s Amit Singhal wrote in a recent blog post announcing the major change, “We’re transforming Google into a search engine that understands not only content, but also people and relationships.”

Although the search giant began this change with the introduction of Social Search, it has now, through “Search plus Your World, added three new features:

Personal Results

Personal Results allows users to locate information specific to their community. This includes Google + photos and posts. So if a user wants to find information about a particular vacation destination they can use the web to search and learn from the experiences of their friends, including links shared by friends, such as restaurants, and activities enjoyed while on their vacation. Personal Results will include both the user’s information and those shared with the user, but only the user will be able to see these results.

Profiles in Search

With Profiles in Search users can now locate people they’re close to or might be interested in following both in autocomplete and results. This will allow users to find the person they’re looking for and connect with them straight from the search results.

People and Pages

People and Pages, The third and final feature will help users find profiles and Google + pages relevant to a particular topic or area of interest. It will also allow users to follow these people with a few simple clicks.

In addition to announcing the new features, Google has addressed the obvious concerns about privacy and security, since most of the personal information users will now find in search results will be of private photos and conversations and has assured readers that Search Plus Your World is secured by SSL encryption, the same level of security and privacy it has for Google +.

Search Plus Your World will not feature content from Facebook and Twitter, since these services don’t allow search engines to crawl them and store information.

Google wants to be transparent about how these features work, so search results will now be marked as; “Public,” “Limited” or “Only You” and by selecting one of two buttons on the upper right of the results page, users can view search results with or without personal content.

So that’s it for this week on the Online Revolution Blog.

See you next week with some more updates and the latest news in Online Marketing.

Is Google Plus Becoming Vital For SEO?

Search giants Google recently unveiled a major change to its search results with the addition of “Search Plus Your World.”

With this latest change, search giants Google have made it possible for users to find their own information on the web, including photos and content shared by themselves and other members of their network.

Most of this “personal” information though doesn’t come from Twitter, Facebook, or any other sources it all comes from Google Plus, which is why Google’s social networking site could just become one of the most important tools for Internet marketing.

Experts in the industry have already noticed the way Search Plus Your World offers personal information from Google Plus over other networks.

This of course means that if a user or members of a user’s network are not on Google Plus, their information will not be included in the personalized search results offered by Search Plus Your World.

While this latest move by Google does raise quite a few concerns, most notably legal issues and product quality, it also creates new opportunities for internet marketers.

In brief, having a Google Plus account could become so important that it can potentially bump a Google Plus page to the top of the sidebar results!

Google Plus accounts have not only flooded the search results pages of Search Plus Your World, but also taken over the search box, even for users who are not signed into Google meaning that being friends on Google Plus will not only lead to better rankings in personal results, now can even help with your regular listings.

There are some interesting new features that we will be looking at next week so stay tuned and we’ll see you then.