Social Media Profiles – Getting The Most Out Of Your Internet Marketing

One of the most powerful and proven methods to boost your Internet marketing efforts is to create a Social Media Profile for your business.

Marketing your business on the popular social networking sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube allows you to engage directly with your customers.

Creating a Social Media Profile enables you to connect better with your customers and create long-lasting relationships which are crucial to the long term future and growth of your business.

A Social Media Profile is also an excellent way to create and preserve a solid brand name and will help you to stand out from other companies with the same or similar names.

Social media campaigns will also help to boost your site rank and gain traffic to your website through natural linking, thus pushing your website further up the search engines.

All the major search engines take note of the number of times your business is mentioned on trusted sites when they work out page rank, so creating a social media profile on the more popular social networking sites supports good SEO strategies and naturally boosts site rank, but probably one of the biggest advantages to creating a social media profile is the power to keep your customers loyal!

If you would like to find out more about social media profile creation, give us a call today and see how we could help you get the most out of your Online Marketing Campaigns.

Google+ Integrates With Blogger

The latest move to topple Facebook of its popularity podium by the up-and-coming social network Google+ is to integrate Google+ with Google’s blogging platform Blogger. And it also looks like Blogger profiles will soon be discontinued and replaced by Google Profiles which are now used by the Google+ Social Network.

There is also speculation that the Google+ integration will be used to introduce more social features that in the past were provided by Google Friend Connect.

Google Friend Connect, which offered social gadgets that could be embedded into personal websites and blogs, now seems to be obsolete since Google+ has arrived.

Google has already closed the Google Friend Connect Help Forum and has also shut down the Friend Connect discussion group.

With the integration of Google+ and Blogger it’s possible we’ll soon see even deeper integration between Blogger’s commenting system and Google+ comments in the future.

That move would position Google+ against Facebook on another major social networking front:

Blog commenting.

Facebook Comments provide a way for authenticated users to sign in using their Facebook credentials in order to leave a comment on blogs and websites.

With the recent news that Google+ will also be supporting the use of pseudonyms as well, it sets up Google+ as a social networking platform that could soon rival Facebook as another option for sign-ins, authentication and therefore, for blog commenting as well.

We’ll keep you posted!