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OnServe Online RevolutionUsing one agency for all of your eMarketing requirements saves you time and money – manage one relationship, hold one company responsible!

Today’s “always-on” consumers require an “always-on” attitude, with an eMarketing Solution that will meet the needs of this constantly evolving and CONSTANTLY demanding market sector. eMarketing activities tend to be fast-paced with quick reactions to unprecedented changes that affect the behavioural patterns of your audience – sometimes this is economic activity or sometimes this may be a new social media platform with instant popularity.

OnServe© from Online Marketing is a Business Solution that ensures that your company is giving eMarketing the focused attention that it requires, whilst you get on with the things that you’re good at.

In short, OnServe© generates the incoming enquiries and allows you the time to look after the clients once they’ve arrived at your door.

OnServe from Online RevolutionThe important thing to know when managing a new online marketing campaign is that what works for one company, may not work for you. There is no short-cut to online marketing success. We spend time with our new clients, evaluating their online marketing strategy, analysing their web presence, strengthening weaknesses and identifying which of our core services would best suit their requirements. OnServe© expert services include:

  • AdWords
  • Social Media
  • Websites
  • Optimisation
  • Email Marketing

A successful eMarketing campaign provides a return on the investment made. Therefore, it is important to keep costs under control and have a setup that is easily scalable to specific business activities at any given time. Outsourcing your eMarketing department means that you secure good results at a lower cost to your company! For more information on our Online Marketing Services see our earlier blog.

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Optimizing Your Blog Content

And so to close up our Blogging for Business series we need to look at optimizing your blog content for the search engines.

Your blog won’t be very helpful to your business or your readers if they can’t find your new content.

You need to make sure your blog is discoverable and you need to make sure that when you add new content, your regular readers immediately know about it and will be able to find it.

Here are four of the most common ways to make sure your blog content is easily discoverable.

1. Make your blog easy to find by linking to it prominently from your company’s web site and including your blog’s URL in your email signature, on your business cards, and in all your sales and marketing material.

2. Use a full RSS feed and make it easy for your readers to find and subscribe to. (The goal of a good business blog is to get read, not boost page views)

3. Use social media networks like Twitter and Facebook as a way to let your fans and followers know when there is new blog content, and make it easy for your readers to share the content with each other through the social media channels and email.

4. Optimize the blog for search engines by putting relevant keywords in post titles and URL slugs and write about the things that your customers are most likely to be searching for (but avoid sounding artificial simply so you can stuff some more keywords into a post).

And Lastly but probably the most important and useful blogging tip I can give to anyone is to be patient and don’t expect too much, too soon.

Blogging isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Your blog won’t be an overnight success, and for the first few months it might feel like you’re writing just for yourself.

It can take time to build up your readership and have a regular community of people who participate on your blog.

Don’t expect immediate returns from your blog and do expect to put in a lot of time and hard work.

Set yourself attainable goals and realize that you’re in it for the long haul.

Don’t give up in the first three months, you really need to give it at least a year of regularly putting out quality, original content and make sure that your blog is easy to find, and that your readers are able to easily comment and share your posts with others.

There’s a few short tips to get you started Blogging for Business.

I hope you have enjoyed this short series and found it useful.

Next week we’ll be looking at Google again and their latest search engine updates.

See you all then.


Keeping The Conversation Going

Part 4 in our blogging for business series is about is about allowing comments on your posts and how to respond to them

As I already said, blogging is a conversation, and not allowing it to occur on your blog is a big mistake.

I know that allowing blog comments can open you and your business up to all sorts of criticism and possibly negative publicity, but you have to look at blogging as an opportunity to connect with your customers.

You’ll get a lot more out of blogging if you enable and even encourage your customers to respond to what you write.

Here are a few tips to keep the conversation going and encourage good comments and positive customer responses.

Obviously the first thing you need to do is to enable commenting on your business blog, but you also need to remember that the conversation is two-way.

Get in there and respond to the comments your readers leave on your blog and you’ll be more likely to develop a happy and involved community that can help turn your customers into loyal fans who will promote your products and services and provide you with quality feedback.

You should also participate in the conversation on other blogs in your industry by leaving comments on posts elsewhere around the blogosphere to help you to establish your “blogging brand” and also bring new readers your way.

Next week we will be ending this series.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them below

See you all next week