Google Just Got Personal

Last week I mentioned search giant Google’s recent change to its search results with the addition of “Search Plus Your World.” And I promised to take a deeper look at some of the features. So here it is:

At the moment, Search Plus Your World is available to users signed in on in English and this new transformation makes it possible for them to find their own information on the web, including information about people they know and the content they’ve shared with them.

Google’s Amit Singhal wrote in a recent blog post announcing the major change, “We’re transforming Google into a search engine that understands not only content, but also people and relationships.”

Although the search giant began this change with the introduction of Social Search, it has now, through “Search plus Your World, added three new features:

Personal Results

Personal Results allows users to locate information specific to their community. This includes Google + photos and posts. So if a user wants to find information about a particular vacation destination they can use the web to search and learn from the experiences of their friends, including links shared by friends, such as restaurants, and activities enjoyed while on their vacation. Personal Results will include both the user’s information and those shared with the user, but only the user will be able to see these results.

Profiles in Search

With Profiles in Search users can now locate people they’re close to or might be interested in following both in autocomplete and results. This will allow users to find the person they’re looking for and connect with them straight from the search results.

People and Pages

People and Pages, The third and final feature will help users find profiles and Google + pages relevant to a particular topic or area of interest. It will also allow users to follow these people with a few simple clicks.

In addition to announcing the new features, Google has addressed the obvious concerns about privacy and security, since most of the personal information users will now find in search results will be of private photos and conversations and has assured readers that Search Plus Your World is secured by SSL encryption, the same level of security and privacy it has for Google +.

Search Plus Your World will not feature content from Facebook and Twitter, since these services don’t allow search engines to crawl them and store information.

Google wants to be transparent about how these features work, so search results will now be marked as; “Public,” “Limited” or “Only You” and by selecting one of two buttons on the upper right of the results page, users can view search results with or without personal content.

So that’s it for this week on the Online Revolution Blog.

See you next week with some more updates and the latest news in Online Marketing.

Facebook’s News Subscription Feature

Following on from last week’s article the Facebook news subscription feature gives you the ability to subscribe to news and control the information you see from friends or businesses.

You can now subscribe to see all updates, most updates, or only important updates.

Facebook’s blog explains it in more depth but basically, if you select to see all updates from someone, then you will see everything that person posts. If you select most updates, then you will see roughly the same amount of posts that you are used to, but if you select to see only important updates, then Facebook will only show you important highlights once in a while.

This new subscription feature allowing you to elect to see all the posts from certain people will obviously be more beneficial for businesses and can save you a lot of time as you won’t have to remember to check out various different pages throughout the day.

All the information you want to see will be automatically siphoned through your personal news feed and the “Live News Ticker” will give you real time updates from people as it happens live on the web.

With the live news ticker, if your friend comments on someone else’s status, you get to see it right away even if you aren’t friends with the other person without having to visit either page. Another useful bonus for businesses as now all your friends get to see your recent activity regardless of whether they visit your page or not.

As always they have the option to unsubscribe, but chances are if they are friends they will want to see what you’re posting or “liking.”

See you all next week.

Google Voice in 38 Languages

Search giants Google are constantly looking for ways to make connecting with other people easier and now reaching the people you care about is even easier with Google Voice.

Google Voice is now live in 38 languages and you can make low rate calls to over 150 destinations right from inside your Gmail account.

Last year people in the America could already call mobiles and landlines from within Gmail and now it is also available to people all over Europe.

Calling credits can be brought in Euros, Pounds, Canadian Dollars and U.S. Dollars and as there are no connection fees you only pay for the time you talk and to help reduce the cost of staying connected Google have also lowered their calling rates to over 150 destinations around the world.

Calls to mobile phones in the U.K. Spain or Germany are only €0.08 per minute and landlines are only €0.02 per minute. To call a mobile in Mexico will only cost you €0.15 per minute and for €0.02 per minute you can call any phone in China or India.

Look out for a little green phone icon showing up on top of your chat list. (You will need to have the voice and video plug-in installed to use this service)

I have to wonder how Microsoft who recently acquired Skype feels about this latest move by Google.

Watch this space and I’ll keep you posted.

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