Controlling your Business Credits and Debits with OnCollect©

The success of your business relies on your clients paying for the service that you provide. Yet so many of us feel awkward or embarrassed when requesting the payment of pending invoices. This is often due to the conflict between the give and take that is required in a working relationship and the more direct approach required by accountancy personnel. These two departments perform very different tasks and therefore the person who is good at business development is rarely effective when dealing with accounts payable.

OnCollect© relieves you of this juxtaposition.

OnCollect from Online Revolution Business SolutionsOur professional Business Service means that you can outsource your receivables sales ledger and, instead, concentrate on the tasks that you excel at within your company.

There are many advantages in this approach to business that include: getting paid more quickly, improving cashflow, reducing DSO and maintaining personal customer relationships.

OnCollect© not only handles this important sector of your day-to-day business life without fuss and with maximum efficiency, but we also communicate with you on a regular basis so that you are always 100% informed as to the status of your company accounts. The OnCollect© management system provides live report stats so that you can follow our progress at any given time.

Of course, OnCollect©’s outsourced Business Solution also operates in English, French, Spanish and German meaning that wherever in the world your clients may be based, we can converse with them directly and without barriers or misunderstandings.

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UK : 0871 987 1730

DE : 0711 268 99733

ES : 951 203 987

Columbia: 5713819258 (09.00 – 11.30)

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