What Google did for Christmas … and New Year…

On December 21st Google rolled out their latest SEO update. Then they rolled out another a little less than a month later. This is the 24th change to their “Panda” algorithm that was first launched on February 24th, 2011 (the programming code that is used to identify websites and arrange them in a particular order on the search engine).

Why are these Google updates in important for your business? Well, because it is nice to have a website, but can anyone actually find it? Online visibility is essential when trying to attract new, unique traffic. And google holds 67% of the search engine market share so staying within their favour, acts in your own favour

Your website needs to rank as highly as possible in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for the most common search terms that are specific to your business. If you manage that, you’ll also manage to generate larger amounts of traffic, improve product visibility and boost brand awareness. The desired result of all of these activities is an increase in enquiries (therefore, sales).

Google themselves encourage you to focus on your website content so that you look (and therefore, they look) as sophisticated and as relevant as possible for Google surfers. But Google also warns about the importance of selecting a knowledgeable SEO manager, “make sure to research the potential [SEO] advantages as well as the damage that an irresponsible SEO can do to your site”.

Online Revolution for SEOUsing an agency like Online Marketing saves you time and money by managing just one relationship for all of your online marketing needs, holding one company accountable while enabling you to concentrate on running your business to its full potential.

What should you be considering when reviewing your SEO requirements? Well, the basics are quite straightforward really.

  • Look at the structure of your website.
  • Look at your text. Is it well written?
  • Does your site portray your experience and knowledge in your industry?
  • Have you considered keywords?
  • Have you signed up to google’s support tools such as analytics and webmaster?

Of course, good SEO work can range from getting the core requirements right to a dedicated google marketing strategy that will start to see you move up the search engines listings. The first thing to do is to consider your aims and ambitions and then to set an available budget. Companies such as Online Marketing can assess your goals and advise you on realistic expectations.

SEO for google is a constant requirement. Whilst initial setup is more timely, there are weekly/monthly reviews and activities that should be completed if your business is to stay atop of the listings (as google updates their algorithms, so must you update your SEO activities). And the best results are attained with other complimentary online marketing activities such as adwords, email marketing or social media campaigns.

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Key Online Marketing Tips for 2013

The online marketing industry will continue to change at a rapid pace throughout 2013. A number of new platforms will be released, but the success or fail of each is unpredictable due to the viral rollercoaster that we are now very familiar with.

However, as the term “always-on” is coined in the marketing industry, the pressure to keep up with marketing demands heightens. Online Marketing recommends a few key aspects of any good online marketing campaign, whatever else the next 12 months brings.

1. Social Media Marketing

A good social media campaign can work for every single type of business. And if you’re in any doubt, just look at the variety of business-types within the top spenders list. Each of the following literally dedicates billions of pounds to marketing campaigns on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr, MySpace and Pinterest; Kellogg’s, Dell, eBay, Toyota, Walt Disney, Verizon, L’Oreal.

Social media is a phenomenon that cannot be undone (though new contenders will continue to try and outdo it!). The power of free speech online is too great and there is a sense of choice for the visitor or viewer that is impossible via television, radio or print media. Contact Online Marketing for specific information on how to perfect your social media campaign.

2. Inbound Marketing

Marketeers are feeling a mounting pressure to become more sophisticated in their marketing efforts. Continual interruptions to potential customers’ viewing or surfing is certainly not de rigueur. Instead we seek opportunity for “natural” product placement or mention, a technique that tends to have a higher response rate.

3. Mobile Marketing

The average consumer today is predicted to spend 50% of their time accessing the web via a mobile device. Traditionally that means that 50% of the marketing budget would be allocated to mobile online marketing. However, depending upon your specific industry, this might not be enough. Mobile onliners tend to have a higher “impulse buy” rate and the immediate response to marketing efforts is often a lot more powerful.

In addition, the growth rate of mobile online access is expected to heavily outweigh desktop access. So, to be ahead of the game, make sure that you know what your mobile marketing strategy is. Contact Online Marketing for more information.

4. Content

The days of content duplication and keyword repetition are now firmly in the past. Google will penalise you or, in severe cases, drop you from their listings entirely. High level copywriting now reigns King. Whatever your online marketing activity, your text needs to be clear, concise and correct. Not only does Google take note but so do your customers.

5. Design

If you are working within a competitive industry, sometimes the easiest way to put yourself ahead of the rest is with a really sharp look. Clients respond to a company that cares about their appearance. And it is here that trust and liking can be secured with the people that matter the most. Of course, there are always incidences of companies that have gone too far down this route. Style and substance should always be balanced and key messages should never be lost amongst a pretty picture.

Online Marketing can review your online marketing requirements for 2013 and make some simple suggestions that can transform your income for the year ahead. We believe in covering the basics and getting them right.


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Keeping The Conversation Going

Part 4 in our blogging for business series is about is about allowing comments on your posts and how to respond to them

As I already said, blogging is a conversation, and not allowing it to occur on your blog is a big mistake.

I know that allowing blog comments can open you and your business up to all sorts of criticism and possibly negative publicity, but you have to look at blogging as an opportunity to connect with your customers.

You’ll get a lot more out of blogging if you enable and even encourage your customers to respond to what you write.

Here are a few tips to keep the conversation going and encourage good comments and positive customer responses.

Obviously the first thing you need to do is to enable commenting on your business blog, but you also need to remember that the conversation is two-way.

Get in there and respond to the comments your readers leave on your blog and you’ll be more likely to develop a happy and involved community that can help turn your customers into loyal fans who will promote your products and services and provide you with quality feedback.

You should also participate in the conversation on other blogs in your industry by leaving comments on posts elsewhere around the blogosphere to help you to establish your “blogging brand” and also bring new readers your way.

Next week we will be ending this series.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them below

See you all next week


Google Just Got Personal

Last week I mentioned search giant Google’s recent change to its search results with the addition of “Search Plus Your World.” And I promised to take a deeper look at some of the features. So here it is:

At the moment, Search Plus Your World is available to users signed in on Google.com in English and this new transformation makes it possible for them to find their own information on the web, including information about people they know and the content they’ve shared with them.

Google’s Amit Singhal wrote in a recent blog post announcing the major change, “We’re transforming Google into a search engine that understands not only content, but also people and relationships.”

Although the search giant began this change with the introduction of Social Search, it has now, through “Search plus Your World, added three new features:

Personal Results

Personal Results allows users to locate information specific to their community. This includes Google + photos and posts. So if a user wants to find information about a particular vacation destination they can use the web to search and learn from the experiences of their friends, including links shared by friends, such as restaurants, and activities enjoyed while on their vacation. Personal Results will include both the user’s information and those shared with the user, but only the user will be able to see these results.

Profiles in Search

With Profiles in Search users can now locate people they’re close to or might be interested in following both in autocomplete and results. This will allow users to find the person they’re looking for and connect with them straight from the search results.

People and Pages

People and Pages, The third and final feature will help users find profiles and Google + pages relevant to a particular topic or area of interest. It will also allow users to follow these people with a few simple clicks.

In addition to announcing the new features, Google has addressed the obvious concerns about privacy and security, since most of the personal information users will now find in search results will be of private photos and conversations and has assured readers that Search Plus Your World is secured by SSL encryption, the same level of security and privacy it has for Google +.

Search Plus Your World will not feature content from Facebook and Twitter, since these services don’t allow search engines to crawl them and store information.

Google wants to be transparent about how these features work, so search results will now be marked as; “Public,” “Limited” or “Only You” and by selecting one of two buttons on the upper right of the results page, users can view search results with or without personal content.

So that’s it for this week on the Online Revolution Blog.

See you next week with some more updates and the latest news in Online Marketing.

Will Facebook Ever Stay the Same?

Have are you getting on with the new improved “Smart” Lists for Friends?

This latest enhancement can be compared to the “circles” feature that Google+ offers.

On Google+, you can add people to various “circles” based on your relationship with them.

If you are a business, you can separate people into various groups such as current clients, potential clients, or colleagues. That way, you can choose to share information with certain groups of people.

Facebook now offers a similar feature that allows you to add people to various lists.

While this feature existed before, Facebook now has several predetermined “smart lists” that were created by analyzing your profile and basing them on your work or educational history. Friends are automatically added to co-worker or family lists so that you don’t have to spend time manually adding them.

With the “real time ticker” and transformed news feed, these new features have made Facebook a lot more complicated.

Evolutionary features such as the ability to share pictures, update your status, and chat live with friends make it hard to remember what Facebook used to be like.

While many people are unhappy about the recent changes, in the end, most of the enhancements will save us a lot of time. If time equals money, then this can only be a good thing.

In just a short period of time we will all get used to the new features, and most of us will probably grow to love them.

Though, it will probably happen just in time for it all to change, once again!

The New Facebook – Love it or Hate it, It’s Here to Stay!

In this day and age with technology constantly evolving it seems we are inundated almost every day with new features, new interfaces and improved designs that can sometimes make your head spin.

Facebook is no exception and has made a lot of changes over the past year and just recently made some major modifications to its features.

Whether you’re a fan or not they are here to stay.

One feature that Facebook has changed recently is its news feed layout. Before you had two feeds: the “Top News” and “Most Recent News” but if you only logged in occasionally you wouldn’t see anything that had happened a week ago.

Now the most interesting stories will always be displayed at the top so you won’t have to worry about missing anything important.

Prior to this change, you had to scroll down quite a bit to see what had been posted the day before. If your business relies heavily on social media, then this is labour intensive. Now with the new customizable news feed it will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Next week I will be looking at the new subscription feature.

See you then.



Is The Mobile Market Killing Traditional Websites?

Mobile Marketing is the latest hot topic online so I thought with the growing numbers of internet-capable mobile devices I would take a brief look over the next couple of weeks at how the mobile market might affect traditional websites and what you can do to take advantage of the growing number of mobile users accessing the internet today.

For the first time ever, companies are shipping more smart phones than computers and the fact that Google recently bought mobile giant Motorola could be a good pointer that mobile marketing will be the future niche for promoting your business.

I am often asked buy companies whether they need to change their websites and Facebook pages to accommodate mobile devices and the answer is going to be a bit different for everyone.

A good pointer as to whether you should be making changes is to check your traffic stats. If a significant portion of your traffic comes from mobile devices then you probably should be looking at what you can do to make your sites more mobile friendly.

If only a small amount of traffic is mobile then changing your site probably isn’t going to be worth your time just yet.

Either way, with the internet changing so rapidly and everybody’s needs being different, you are always safer to get some expert advice from a reputable company who can advise you on the latest trends and offer you the best digital marketing strategy to suit your individual business needs.

Next week I’ll be giving you some tips on how to make your site mobile friendly and looking at how to link it all together with a good social network marketing plan.

Understanding The Google +1 Button

The Google “plus One” (+1) Button in simple terms is a direct rival to Facebook’s Like Button.

When Facebook introduced their like button it was a huge success and millions of website owners around the world immediately placed the like button on their sites to improve their social media interaction and reach a wider audience within their markets. The practice spread like wildfire.

Each time a person likes a site using the Facebook Like button; the action is posted to that person’s Facebook wall and is visible to all their friends.

This is a viral marketing goldmine!

Because of the huge impact that the Facebook Like Button has had on the social media marketing scene Google want to do the same with their (+1) Button.

At the moment, you can (+1) your search results in Google search. This will tell Google that this search result was preferred over other search results for the keywords you entered. Given that Google has been searching for ways to improve its search results by providing users with better content, this should serve Google very well. The (+1) button will tell Google “I like this search result.”

Now here’s the exciting part!

Imagine your website has a (+1) Button that your visitors are clicking on. What do you think that tells Google about your website?

Yep, you got it, people like your content!

It’s still a bit early to know for sure, but rumor has it that these clicks will have an impact on your future search engine rankings (the more clicks you get, the better it is for your rankings)


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Essential Online Marketing

With modern technology moving so fast these days and mobile devices overtaking standard desktops and laptops as the latest consumer’s choice for searching and finding local businesses an online presence is becoming more and more essential if you want to stay ahead of the competition and more importantly if you just want to stay in business!

That is why the forward thinking and astute businesses are hiring Digital Marketing Agencies like Online Marketing to optimize their online presence.

Online Revolution is a one stop Digital Marketing Agency for all your Online Marketing needs.

How often in the past have you hired a web designer to build your website, an SEO expert to optimize it, an Adwords agent to get the site to the top of Google, someone else to design your logos and flyers, a copy- writer for your emails and other online advertising and now you’re being told you need to jump on the new Social Media Merry go round!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to hand the whole lot over to one person and get on with what you should be concentrating on like running your business?

Well Online Marketing will do just that.

At Online Marketing our passion is creating the perfect online marketing strategy for your company based on your needs and budget.

Online Marketing can build your website and optimize it, Look after your adwords campaign, set up and manage your social media networks and even create eye catching email campaigns that get results all under one roof!

Using an agency like Online Marketing to look after your online marketing needs not only makes sense it will save you time and money allowing you to concentrate on running your business to its full potential.

Established since 2009 with over 40 staff and a portfolio of over 1,000 clients Online Marketing are extremely experienced in all aspects of online marketing and will take the time to evaluate and establish which of their core services would best suit your companies requirements.

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